a tool for building text query applications and document classification applications on top of Oracle databases. Oracle Text provides indexing, word and theme searching, as well as highlighting capabilities for text.

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Text Query Applications

The purpose of a text query application is to enable users to find text that contains one or more search terms in a collection of documents such as plain text, HTML, XML, or Microsoft Word. It requires either a CONTEXT or CTXCAT index, which can be queried using CONTAINS or CATSEARCH operators respectively.

Document Classification Applications

A document classification application is one that classifies an incoming stream of documents based on its content. For example, an online news agency might need to classify its incoming stream of articles as they arrive into categories such as politics, crime, and sports.

This scenario requires a CTXRULE index. This index indexes the rules (queries) that define each class. When documents arrive, the MATCHES operator can be used to match each document with the rules that select it.

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