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Since the device doesn't have support for callbacks in its driver, you could adapt the driver's API from synchronous calls to callbacks by polling the device in a background thread. First, create a class that polls the device for the physical event you're interested in responding to. Then, in your GUI code, put the polling work in the background and respond ...


libpci or pcilib (on which lspci is based) uses sysfs, procfs, and possibly other means to access PCI information. You can check pciutils package source code for further reference: https://github.com/gittup/pciutils https://github.com/gittup/pciutils/blob/gittup/lspci.c


You can access many information by browsing the sysfs. It's also possible to write to some files in sysfs to execute certain commands like a PCI bus re-enumeration ;) For example listing all PCI devices can be done by: paebbels@debian8:/sys/bus/pci/devices$ ll /sys/bus/pci/devices insgesamt 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0 Dez 12 00:33 . drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 0 ...


From command line try to use lspci -tv command. But as far as I understand this command just parses /proc... If you need to do your task from program, you may have a look at lspci source code.

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