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PCI hot-plugging is being worked on, but I don't think it's supported yet in a released version. Ask on the freebsd-current mailing list.


The "PnP OS" option is only relevant for ISA PnP devices, which are pretty much non-existent these days. - FALSE! This option has a great impact to the distribution of the interrupts in Windows OS! The experiment itself to disprove abovementioned statement is very simple!


The way to access I/O memory depends on the computer architecture, bus, and device being used, although the principles are the same everywhere. Depending on the computer platform and bus being used, I/O memory may or may not be accessed through page tables. When access passes though page tables, the kernel must first arrange for the physical address to be ...


pci_iomap() maps PCI resources as such as IORESOURCE_MEM and IORESOURCE_IO (legacy). ioremap() makes the physical IO address space usable for IO accessors. ioremap() works for any devices regardless to which bus it's attached and enumerated. To answer for your question. The ioremap_nochache() is used only in two places in the driver. And each of them is ...

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