Pebble watches have a 1.26-inch 144 × 168 pixel black and white ePaper-display with backlight, a vibrating motor, a magnetometer, ambient light sensors and a three-axis . The Pebble Steel version also has a multicolor LED. A Pebble communicates with an or device using 2.1 but includes support for Bluetooth 4.0 () for a later update when more phones support it. The battery was reported in April 2012 to last seven days. The watch is charged using a modified USB-cable that attaches magnetically to the watch so as not to compromise water resistance.

The Pebble comes with some apps pre-installed, including a cycling app to measure speed, distance and pace through , and a golf rangefinder app that supports more than 25,000 courses. These apps use data received from the connected phone for distance, speed and range information. More apps can be downloaded from a smartphone, and a for development is freely available.

Pebble will integrate with the web service IFTTT which will allow users to create rules for events to send notifications to the watch. CEO Eric Migicovsky announced on January 9, 2013 that there will be updates for the watch's OS (which is based on FreeRTOS) every 2–3 weeks until all features are added.

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The 1.x that originally shipped with Pebble is incompatible with the current 2.0 release.

iOS devices received the 2.0 app and watch firmware in February, 2014. Android devices received the 2.0 app and firmware in March, 2014.

The 2.0 firmware adds accelerometer and persistent storage access on the watch as well as a new -based toolkit that lets apps target both Android and iOS devices with a single codebase.


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