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Perl 6

Perl 6 is a new language in the Perl family (instead of simply being the next version).

A few of its distinguishing features:

  • Procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming methodologies all built-in and working seamlessly together
  • Extensive Unicode support from code points to grapheme clusters
  • Grammars (more powerful and useful than regular expressions)
  • Type system
  • Multiple dispatch
  • Introspection
  • Concurrent, parallel, and asynchronous processing support
  • Use of rational numbers to avoid floating-point problems

is a Perl 6 implementation that targets multiple backends, currently focused on MoarVM and the Java Virtual Machine .

The Rakudo implementation of Perl 6 shipped a first official release named “коледа” on December 25, 2015. Most of the specification are now frozen, followed by many optimizations in 2016.

Official links

Perl 6 homepage
Perl 6 documentation
Why should I learn Perl 6? What's so great about it?

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