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path=new File(android.os.Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(),"/Tanker/Foto/"); mkdir will not create the complete path. You have to use mkdirs for that From the documentation Creates the directory named by this abstract pathname, including any necessary but nonexistent parent directories. e.g. if (!path.exists()) { ...


Use array_rand() - Picks one or more random entries out of an array echo $plaatje[array_rand($plaatje)]; With an image tag, something like: <img src="<?php echo $plaatje[array_rand($plaatje)]; ?>" /> or echo "<img src='".$plaatje[array_rand($plaatje)]."' />"; Here is the documentation


It looks like exifOrientation returned by exif.getAttributeInt() is not matched to anyone of values listed in case statement. Please check the value of exifOrientation first. getAttributeInt(String tag, int defaultValue) returns the integer value of the specified tag, in this case, TAG_ORIENTATION. If there is no such tag in the JPEG file or the value ...


Although you should add the image tag to show where it goes wrong, your code already has a problem as array indices are 0-based. So you would need: $nummer2 = mt_rand(0,3);


You can use this snippet to get today's photo, which works on iOS 8. I originally filtered the assets from Recently Added album, which stores photos from last 30 days or 1000 photos. There is a chance user captures more than 1000 photos in two days, so I changed the code to get all photos from the library. PHFetchOptions *options = [[PHFetchOptions alloc] ...


Is this not a question more on image resizing? Your text states that you are able to (through your site on azure) save an image on Amazon S3. Correct? If that is the case, you just need to take your image that has been uploaded, resize it 3 times, then submit each image using the same method you are already using. I would personally create a separate ...

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