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An Erlang node doesn't have one single pid: there are many processes running on each node, so you need to specify which one you want. If you want to know the pid of the process registered with the name foo on the node bar@localhost, you can make an RPC call to erlang:whereis/1: (foo@localhost)1> rpc:call(bar@localhost, erlang, whereis, [foo]). ...


If you want to get the real process ID (i.e. one that can be used by other programs to identify processes), then your only option is chrome.processes, but this API is only available on the Dev channel (so not for Chrome stable nor Beta). If you just need an identifier to uniquely identify processes, then you can get the "process ID of a tab" via the ...


No, there is no other way except experimental API chrome.processes


You can use pidof to get all IDs of running processes with the name p_name pidof p_name | tr ' ' '\n' (for a vertical listing) pkill p_name kill all processes whith the name p_name NB make sure that you have the permission to kill them all :)


If you want to list a process and its command line, process id in Windows, this is the command: wmic process where "name='java.exe'" get ProcessID, CommandLine That is the equivalent of "ps -ef | grep java" in Linux. Reference: Answer adapted from the blog post of Hung Huynh Example of output: CommandLine ProcessId java Test 620 Example of ...

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