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You need to use command 2>&1 | tee -a the_log_file instead of command | tee -a the_log_file 2>&1 (If you ask me, it's pretty unintuitive that you need to not put the 2>&1 in an unintuitive place in the pipe case! ;) ) For the details, take a look at the Illustrated Redirection Tutorial in Bash Hackers Wiki. The illustration in ...


fgets is including the \n (at the end of the user's input) in 'buffer', which is breaking up your command line that you pass to the shell. You will need to remove the \n before composing your command line. (For any serious work it would be better to use a library call rather than shelling out to md5sum(1); for instance ...


I don't know much about Fortran but if you use the pipe redirection on the D side, the Fortran side just needs to use regular input read and output write functions, just like printing text to the screen, and it will be received on the D side.


Well perhaps you can insert awk between instead. No need to rely on Bash: LC_ALL=C fgrep -f ./my/patterns.txt ./my/file.txt | awk 'NF == 7' | "$decoder" > ./path/to/result.txt Perhaps awk can be the starter. Performance may be better that way: awk 'NF == 7' ./my/file.txt | LC_ALL=C fgrep -f ./my/patterns.txt | "$decoder" > ./path/to/result.txt ...

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