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Couldn't find an Answer myself or on here. It's been a while so for anyone wondering... In the end I managed to convince the "powers-that-be" to let me convert the project to GLES 2.0. The process wasn't actually very painful (luckily) and it was very worth it. The above operation was successfully offloaded to the GPU along with a few others and the ...


This line should already take in account the color from the texture: float3 diffuse = diffuseAmount * lightColor * pixelColor; Which is later mixed with the ambient lighting to get the correct result. In your version you are adding the texture color twice (once in diffuse and once in ambient). The VS version corresponds to various online examples of ...


It is correct to proceed as you describe. The best way to know if something is legit is to enable the debug layer with the appropriate flag at the device creation, d3d will log any inappropriate states or arguments to the API.

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