Open source implementation of necessary VoIP protocols SIP, RTP, NAT Traversal suitable for desktop and smartphones. Dual-licensed under GPL and proprietary.


Open Source
Source is available for public scrutiny.
High Performance
Thousands of calls can be processed per second on a typical Intel P4/2.4GHz desktop machine. More can be expected with proper server hardware and more or higher processor specs.
Small Footprint, Very Scalable
Scale down to low profile/embedded/small footprint SIP devices, or scale up to servers with mutlple processors using the same SIP stack source tree.
32bit, 64bit, big/little endian, any OS.
Extensive Documentation
There can never be enough documentation, so we try to provide readers with hundreds of pages worth of documentations (some are generated from the source, some are handwritten documents).

Useful Links

PJSIP Homepage
Download Source

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