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I solved the issue enabling HTTPS protocol on KARAF; indeed the HTTP header is too small to host authentication (SAML) header.


I had the same question but in a Model class. Since your solution inspired mine, I'll post it here hoping it can help. def authenticate(email: String, password: String): Future[Option[User]] = db.run { Users.filter{_.email === email}.result.headOption } map { case Some(u) if BCrypt.checkpw(password, u.password) => Some(u) case _ => None ...


I copy my working version posted in Heroku - Unable to setup postgres database through Play Framework app? In my case git init, git add ., works great. Using play 2.4, Slick 3.0.3 & postgres in Heroku it works for me the following setup that runs my sql evolution scripts: in build.sbt: name := """app-name""" and add the following in ...


you can use '_default -> "--- Predefined value ---", Editing your code @textarea( field = myForm("address"), '_default -> "--- Predefined value ---", args = 'rows -> 3, 'cols -> 50 )

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