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You code works fine nothing wrong with it. You just forgot to set No wrap-in <body> option in fiddle see screenshot below. var songs = ['http://www.tonycuffe.com/mp3/tail%20toddle.mp3', 'http://www.tonycuffe.com/mp3/cairnomount.mp3', 'http://www.tonycuffe.com/mp3/pipers%20hut.mp3']; Fiddle


You're trying to go beyond the end of your array. Your array has 3 elements (0, 1, 2). songs.length == 3. songs[3] is invalid. Use the following instead of what you have: function prevSong() { if (counter === 0) { counter = (songs.length-1); } else { counter = counter - 1; } changeSong(); } function nextSong() { ...


Got it, after making a Custom Shortcode (this can be found on standard WP docs), then by direct calling one of JW player's function, from the Template File, like: generate_playlist( '1234' ); It will then return a complete Array of the JW Playlist Object, so we can parse it out.


I guess the support for m3u file format is going to be scattered in HTML5 media compatible browser. It should play on iOS: try to add mime-type audio/mpegURL or application/x-mpegURL to your server (if not already done) AND our source tag. <audio controls> <source src="[url-to-m3u]" type="audio/mpegURL" /> </audio> You need to ...

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