POVRay is a free open-source ray tracing program which accepts a scene description in a textual programming-like language and renders a picture with lighting, shadows, reflections, refractions and other visual effects calculated automatically.

POVRay (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) renders scenes described by a scene description language. Conventional computer graphics techniques (scan-line techniques) loop through each object to be rendered and calculate where and how to draw them on the image. In contrast, ray tracing loops through each pixel in the image, fires a ray from the viewpoint (the eye) backwards through the pixel into the world to find what object the ray hits. The color of that object is drawn into the pixel. If the object has a reflective surface, another ray is fired off in the appropriate direction and a component of its color is added to the pixel. Similarly, surfaces that refract light generate another ray through the transparent material and a component of the color it calculates is added to the pixel.

POVRay is available from www.povray.org and is free to use. The program itself cannot be embedded into other commercial programs without permission but the images created are owned by the creator of the scene file. See www.povray.org for details on the licensing.

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