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Is this a direct copy of your code? You assigned an integer to what should be the Y fractional value - it's a typo and it will throw the entire noise algorithm off if you don't fix: double Perlin::interp(double x, double y) { int x_i = int(x); double x_left = x - x_i; int y_i = int(y); double y_left = y = y_i; //This Should have a ...


To convert a double in the range of [-1.0, 1.0] to an integer in range [0, 255]: n = floor((n + 1.0) / 2.0 * 255.99); To write it as a binary value to the PPM file: ofstream ofs("./noise2D.ppm", ios_base::binary); ... unsigned char c = n; ofs << c << c << c;


Last time I looked, HTML::HTMLDoc had terrible support for Unicode. Which is why I spent some time in 2012 ripping it out of a legacy codebase and replacing it with PDF::WebKit (which is a thin wrapper around wkhtmltopdf). I'd recommend that route.


Have you installed the htmldoc program? The module can't pass its tests without that installed, which is why there are no PPM packages. ActiveState doesn't have it installed on their build servers. I'd try manually unpacking the HTML-HTMLDoc tarball and running perl Makefile.PL and dmake manually to see more detail about what's happening.


HTML-HTMLDoc is unavailable in PPM, because there aren't any builds for it in the package repositories. Details: https://code.activestate.com/ppm/HTML-HTMLDoc/


Install Fiddler Web Debugger (www.fiddler2.com), launch it, start a web browser (for Fiddle to detect settings), then relaunch PPM. Fiddler will work as the proxy and resolve the requests properly. I didn't even need to add the "http_proxy" environment setting that is recommended by ActiveState, but you may need to, so from a command prompt type: set ...

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