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One of the biggest parts of a project manager's job is communicating between the stake holders (e.g., upper management) and the project resources (the programmers, etc.). The risk you run into by using two more more very different Big-M Methodologies is you will have to "retrain" management. They will have different expectations of what you will be ...


I'd be concerned that the translation from SCRUM to PRINCE2 is imperfect, doubles your work, or is just a PITA. The only way to know for sure whether this is something you can handle is to test it out. Get clearance from the stakeholders to run a test project like that and see what happens. Compare it to the results of something similarly sized that you've ...


If that's the case, if the project manager speaks both methodologies and can communicate up the chain in PRINCE2, but down the chain with SCRUM, is that workable?

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