Project Euler is a free collection of mathematical programming problems of varying difficulty.

The primary challenge is to find a "smart" algorithm rather than solve a complicated programming problem.

Only the solution of a problem needs to be submitted, so the challenge is language agnostic.

As a general rule (although it is not enforced in any way), a program shouldn't take longer than one minute to solve a problem. Often problems deal with huge numbers in order to make brute force solutions impossible.

Clarification of problem details should be done on their dedicated forum.

Once you solve a problem you'll be congratulated with the following message:

We hope that you enjoyed solving this problem. Please do not deprive others of going through the same process by publishing your solution outside Project Euler.

and will be granted with access on the discussion thread for that problem where you can share your insights and code.

Please be aware that the purpose of Project Euler is to encourage people to think and learn so publishing the solution or working code would render this process useless.

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