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I modified it a bit from Keith's code so that everything processes from one ForEach-Object: Get-ChildItem $destinationPath\PPP_*.csv | ForEach-Object { $_.FullName } | Import-Csv -Header Tag, Value, Date, Time, Mode, Alarm | Group-Object -Property Tag | ForEach-Object { $tag = $_.Name $column1 = ...


Try this. I believe this requires PowerShell v3 or higher for the Add-Member generated properties to "stick" to the $data elements. $data = $data | ForEach-Object { Add-Member -InputObject $_ NoteProperty -Name "Column 1" -Value ($_.Tag.Substring(8,2)) Add-Member -InputObject $_ NoteProperty -Name "Pump Unit" -Value ($_.Tag.Substring(10,2)) ...


The "standard properties" are stored in a property that is hidden on the original object, PSStandardMembers. $obj = gwmi Win32_ComputerSystem $psObject = $obj | select $obj.PSStandardMembers.DefaultDisplayPropertySet.ReferencedPropertyNames Projects only the standard members into the custom PSObject.

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