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Use console instead of windows: console=['test.py'],


If you are asking strictly how to hide the console as part of the py2exe bundling, that's simple. See - Hiding command-line dialog in py2exe If you are asking how to have a program without a GUI, just build the program in py2exe as above and run it. Unless you have created a GUI, it will run on it's own until it terminates or is terminated.


I ran into the same issue some time ago--so I wrote a small library (updater4pyi) to do exactly that on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. You can get it from PyPI for example with > pip install updater4pyi The source repository is at: https://github.com/phfaist/updater4pyi. This is a small and not very mature project. It's meant to be as flexible as ...


You need to modify sys.path in your setup.py script in the same way that you do in your application. cx_Freeze looks at sys.path to find the modules and packages to include in your build, so if the directory containing those packages is not on sys.path, it can't find them.

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