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Try forcing your name value to be ASCII using the str() function. nameval = str("ASNO:" + fields[8]) asno, = graphDB.create({"name":nameval, "ASNO":fields[8]}) asno.add_labels("Network", "ASNO", continent)


I don't know py2neo (so there may be a wrapper for this function), but the way to achieve that would be using a Cypher MERGE which it looks like you have to run using the raw Cypher statement: cypher_merge_result = neo4j.CypherQuery(graph_db, "MERGE (s:Person{name:Joe})-[:SON]->(f:Person{name:John})") That will create 2 Person nodes and 1 SON ...


mehmet, Here's a link that shows you what you need. The return value from each create call is a Node object for the node just created, so you could store those in separate variables or a dictionary and use them to build relationships. You can also get each node back from the database if you use the neo4j.Node(uri) syntax shown in the link above. The ...

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