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From the documentation for the is operator: The operators is and is not test for object identity: x is y is true if and only if x and y are the same object. Now lets check IDLE: >>> a = 1000 >>> b = 1000 >>> print ( a is b ) False >>> >>> >>> id(a) 35334812 >>> id(b) 35334800 ...


It could be done, using standard python library: import webbrowser[, new=0[, autoraise=True]])


This is because of how LOAD_CONST byte code works: Pushes co_consts[consti] onto the stack. Since integers are stored as constants then assignments to the same integer in the same context will yield the exact same result, we can see that the arguement to LOAD_CONST is 0 for both a and b: >>> import dis >>> dis.dis("a = 1000 ; b = ...


When looking for an area to investigate for a murky problem, I typically start with Process Explorer, which is a developer's Task Manager. In addition to viewing the overall CPU/Memory/Disk/IO load, you can also slice those measurements by individual processes. The tool even goes further to show all of the threads in that process as well as their call ...

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