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tn.write("sloginfo LOG1 >> LOG1.txt\n") modified the above comment with tn.write ('sloginfo '+ strdbfile + '>> ' + strdbfiletxt+ '; echo Done!\n') and this has resolved the issue


$QNX_TARGET=/opt/qnx650/target/qnx6 is probably not doing what you want. In shell scripts, you don't put a "$" in front of a variable when you are defining the variable, only when you access the variable: X=hello echo $X


Apparently this was due to not opening all the declared resource files. System process monitoring the launch of your app sees this as a failure and so reports an error after a timeout. When I made sure that all declared resources were opened, the problem was gone.


Install make for windows : http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/make.htm if it's still not working, add the path to the make binary's directory in your path : Adding directory to PATH Environment Variable in Windows

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