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This is the code to get all the signals in the inheritance tree. It would be easy to adjust to your needs should you not need all of them: main.cpp #include <QStringList> #include <QApplication> #include <QPushButton> #include <QMetaObject> #include <QMetaMethod> #include <QDebug> int main(int argc, char **argv) { ...


The projection matrix will return float* to you as per documentation: float * QMatrix4x4::​data() Returns a pointer to the raw data of this matrix. The best practice would be to eliminate the qreal usage in your codebase regardless this case. When the contributors went through the Qt 5 refactoring, the qreal ancient concept was dropped as much as ...


Based on the comment discussion, it seems to mean some corruption on your system that may trigger this failure as a reinstall of your Winows 8.1 seems to have made this working. For future reference: in general, you could debug this issue by trying to install 32 bit verison instead of 64 bit. If that does not work, you could pick up minimal installation. If ...


This is a reported issue how to build background services with Qt: Build background service with Qt on android For the time being, there is the `QtService/Activity* thing from there, but it may be handier in future releases as the time goes ahead.

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