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That's going to fall apart if your strings contain the separators. For a more robust approach use something like QByteArray ba; QDataStream ds(&ba, QIODevice::WriteOnly); map >> ds; mimeData->setData(QStringLiteral("your/mime/type"), ba);


If you want to schedule a redraw for your widget, just call update(). If you need an immediate repaint (which you almost never need) you can call repaint() instead. Calling paintEvent() directly will not work -- Qt needs to prepare the backing store to handle the painting, so you can't bypass the update mechanism. Instead, call the methods above, which ...


You can start by inheriting a QWidget and implementing the KeyPress and KeyRelease events. Basically mimicking a QLineEdit widget. So you might need to look for re-usable code to avoid a lot of work, like inheriting QLineEdit and overwriting paintEvent(). Then, in your paintEvent, you use the painter to render the non-widget text and your widgets. ...

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