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I fixed this. I wish I could give exact steps, but it was something like this: Manually updated Command Line Tools from the apple developer site. Uninstalled all gems Installed rbenv, ruby-build, rbenv-bundler using brew Installed apple-gcc42 using brew Installed ruby 2.1 using rbenv Set path to use rbenv's ruby. Set rbenv global 2.1.0 Uninstalled bundle ...


Are you running Rails >= 4.1? There's a new feature where ActiveRecord tries to keep your test schema in sync with schema.rb without reloading the entire database. You can read about it here: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/4_1_release_notes.html#railties-notable-changes. Unfortunately it doesn't work with foreign keys: ...


You should only do student.id. Even if you don't see the id field (or other field) in the Student.rb, if it exists in the database, you can access to it with the field name. In a way of example i'm attaching an image of something like that but in rails console and my entity is called user

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