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The amount of raw space depends on a number of things. What is the color model? What is the data type of the sample model? Using an image type of TYPE_4BYTE_ABGR would lead to a minimum size of 256MB (8K * 8K * 4). Using a data type of int (instead of byte) could increase that 4x. And this is just the first line of reading into a BufferedImage.


Java isn't necessarily the best language for this. A way of accomplishing what you want to do is make an injectable DLL which uses pointers to read from the memory or use ReadProcessMemory to read memory from an external process. If you're sure you want to use Java for this you can use the JNA Library to access the native method ReadProcessMemory and you ...


I think t2.micro server is okay to handle traffics for 500 images per day. You can monitor ram usage by using 'htop' command on ssh connection (putty). If it uses a lot of ram, you can always change instance type to next level.


You have to use ROM IP and specify your .mif.

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