Rapidxml is a header-only XML parser with high usability, portability, and very good W3C compatibility.

  • no dependencies (except standard C++ library <cassert>, <cstdlib>, <new>, and <exception>
  • character type agnostic: supports narrow and wide, wchar_t UTF-16 and UTF-32, and UTF-8 if endianness is native
  • special memory pool object management for speed
  • not fully W3C compliant: ignores DOCTYPE declarations, and minor incompatibilities
  • robust and has a large unit test harness
  • easy to learn and use: begin writing useful parsing code in less than five minutes
  • license is Boost Software License or MIT License
  • stable since 2006
  • an additional header-only file adds the ability to stream out and format an xml document
  • other header classes simplify iterating through a document, loading from a file, and get child counts

Rapidxml is widely cross-platform compatible, its execution speed is proportional to the length of the XML data parsed, and it requires no configuration and no metadata or schema.

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