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The code in ExtractArchive.extractArchive(...) is defect as it creates internally an Archive instance but it never calls close() to free up it's resources and file handles. On Windows this results in a locked file that can not be deleted unless the JVM ends or the garbage collector has collected all object instances of that Archive and therefore has freed ...


Install NUnrar from nuget RarArchive file = RarArchive.Open("rar file path");//@"C:\test.rar" foreach (RarArchiveEntry rarFile in file.Entries) { string path = "extracted file path";//@"C:\" rarFile.WriteToDirectory(path); }


I think opening with editor and deleting some chunks of the gibberish code should work. However, there would still be trouble with the read-lock. I tested it with a .zip file. After the first delete (first ~10 lines) it was still readable by 7-Zip, after deleting some more lines it was corrupted and Windows Explorer nor 7-Zip was able to open it.

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