Realm is a mobile database replacement for SQLite & Core Data. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Realm is a mobile database

Realm is a replacement for SQLite & Core Data. It can save you thousands of lines of code & weeks of work, and lets you craft amazing new user experiences.

Why should I use Realm?

Easy to Use : Realm is not an ORM on top SQLite. Instead it uses its own persistence engine, built for simplicity (& speed). Users tell us they get started with Realm in minutes, port their apps in hours & save weeks on each app.
Cross-Platform Realm supports both iOS & Android. You can share Realm files across platforms, use the same high-level models for Java, Swift & Objective-C, and write similar business logic on both platforms.
Fast : Thanks to its zero-copy design, Realm is much faster than an ORM, and is often faster than raw SQLite as well. See benchmarks for iOS, Android or read what users have to say on Twitter.
Supported : Get quick, official answers from the company building and maintaining your database. We are answering questions on Github, StackOverflow, Twitter & during monthly office hours.

For more info do visit Realm

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