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It's not as clean, but if you need to refer to a different already calculated cell (or self reference for that matter) you can use =IIF(ReportItems!CellName.Value < 0,"Red","Green") EDIT: This is actually listed in the link @Randall Mathews posted, which I didn't click until I answered.


The answer is yes, if you are using a very recent version of SSRS: =IIF(Me.Value < 0,"Red","Green") Link to original article here Hope that helps.


I would take a look at Actions within SSRS. If you look at this post, and the attached project, you will see that clicking on cell causes it to change. I imagine you can adapt the ideas here to suit your own purposes. Good luck and if you want further help please let me know. Ash


You can't use a Shared Data Source with a dynamic data source. Use an embedded one. I think it's to prevent you from corrupting other reports' data sources. http://www.keepitsimpleandfast.com/2012/08/how-to-use-dynamic-data-sources-in-your.html


I'm not sure I have understood your question, but try taking a look at using a region, with all members of the group in it, including the lines/shape used, you can then group the items together.


Thank you so much CDC. Your answer helped. I took a look at the Error Logs and noticed the error. It is now resolved. Thanks again.

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