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When you set up a drilldown, you need to specify the toggle item that controls the drilldown action (typically a textbox). That toggle item will have an InitialToggleState property - change this from False to True or vice versa as required, and this will control whether + or - is displayed in the toggle item when the report is first loaded. Update as ...


I believe the orientation is set per report. With this in mind, you could make use of subreports to accomplish this. Make a subreport for that page in a landscape orientation and simply include that where you would want it to be in the master.


OK I'm pretty sure I figured out how to get this done. Moved the summing of CY dollars value and PY dollars value into the sql query that builds the report. I kept the grouping the same, with the same filter group. The minor changes are shown here: =( (Parameters!Store.Value=2) OR (Parameters!Store.Value=1 AND ...


This type of weird result is often due to the null values in the column. Try using the ISNULL function in your dataset: ISNULL(VALUE,'')

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