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I was able to create a dynamic embedded connection using a ServerName parameter as follows: ="data source=" & Parameters!ServerName.Value & ";initial catalog=master"


Try changing your IIF for debugging purposes to this: =IIF(TRUE,1,0) If you are still getting unexpected results, I would suggest that your "true" and "false" outcomes may be in the wrong positions. (You did not specify which you intended to get back when the condition is true - the proper syntax is if condition first, then true outcome, and finally false ...


I am assuming that you want to show the report for one year starting from the Jan to Dec WITH allocations AS ( SELECT SC.Name AS BUYER, CASE WHEN PPC.FactoryName = ''ANANTA'' THEN OM.OrderQty END AS Unit1_Qty, CASE WHEN PPC.FactoryName = ''ACWL'' THEN OM.OrderQty END AS Unit2_Qty, CASE WHEN PPC.FactoryName = ''DNV'' THEN OM.OrderQty END AS ...


there is a procedure you can use to trigger a report subscription, reportserver.dbo.addevent. create a procedure that checks if there is data and conditionally calls this addevent procedure. remove schedules from your subscriptions and schedule your procedure instead.


My final solution involved using the script above to change the report definitions, then use RSScripter to bulk download and upload the reports. I didn't realize it before, but RSScripter automatically generates a command file to re-upload the reports.


If your reports are not organized in many folders and if you can access your reports as http://server/reports, then delete all existing reports in the folder and upload all the new rdl files. That will make upload rdl files easy.

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