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Why are you not executing the Procedure by creating a dataset of query type "Stored Procedure"? By doing this you will be able to see the fields getting returned from the SP in your dataset. You can also pass the parameter values to the SP by creating the report parameters. Edit: How to pass parameter to SP in SSRS: Say you have sp as below: create ...


You have this error message because SSRS cannot infer your schema from the query. You could declare manually your fields in DataSet Properties => Fields: Field Name, Field Source ISOName, ISOName Gateway1, Gateway1 Gateway2, Gateway2 EDIT If you really want to have dynamic columns and can't define static column names, you could try a trick like this. ...


This works for filtering both rows and groups. Pull up the tablix or group properties Switch to "Filters" Add a new filter Set the expression to: =IsNothing(Fields!YourFieldHere.Value) Set the type to "Boolean" (see screenshot below) otherwise you'll get a "cannot compare data of types boolean and string" error. Set the value to false


Create a read-only user on your database that the web page uses to log in.


I believe the excel border width cannot be of 10pt. The maximum is Thick Box Border in excel. Try to have a border width of 10pt in excel cell. If above is true and you want achieve it any how, I have a bad trick for you. Put the report inside a table as shown and make the top, bottom, left and right cell of background black. You can also handle it in main ...


@Abbi's second link is no longer valid. The article can now be found at: http://www.optimusinfo.com/multilevel-cascading-select/ Unfortunately the images are broken and the article is a little incomplete without them. There is one image I was able to locate in its moved location (I could not find the others even with trying appropriate variations): ...


This is a limitation of the Excel renderer in SSRS 2005 - it won't render tables/matrices within tables/matrices. Your only option is to reformat your report to not have nested objects.

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