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I think the easiest way to do this would be to: Right click in the id field, go to properties, select "Action", click the radio button "Go to URL" - click in the expression and type ="http://mywebpage.com/index.pl?ID=" & Fields!ID.Value


As many users have said, your options are to either use Visual Studio 2005, or upgrade the SSIS package. If you are not getting prompted to do so, try the steps in this link: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mattm/archive/2008/03/21/package-upgrade-wizard.aspx Also, be mindful of what version of integration services is running on your server. If you're running ...


Right click on the text box that contains the value you would like manipulate, select TEXT BOX PROPERTIES. Navigate to the Number tab, select Number and the # of Decimal places you want the box to allow for.


I believe it can be done using the SSRS web services the following steps are how I'd do it (sorry no time to code it for you): After getting a reference to the web service client, invoke ListChildren, supplying the recursive parameter to walk the directory structure. At each report node, call the CreateSubscription method, with appropriate parameters to ...


Hi this link might help you. I had similar sort of issue, a few years back. SSRS Page break on Tablix with Rownumber ,just one row group and no group expression given by default =Floor((RowNumber(Nothing)-1)/2000) was the suggested answer

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