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If it is installed, the code bellow returns true var_dump (extension_loaded('pcntl'));


First of all, these terms are not related. Software testing is the process to make sure that the software that you are coding meets client's requirements and it is relatively free from bugs. Software evaluation on the other hand is to identify an already available software which might suit your need. Assume your need is for a database compare tool. You have ...


Software Testing: Software Testing is the Process of Executing a program instant of finding error. Software Evaluation: A software evaluation is a type of assessment that seeks to determine if software or a combination of software programs is the best possible fit for the needs of a given client.


From End user documentation: Memory. Depending on what guest operating systems you want to run, you will need at least 512 MB of RAM (but probably more, and the more the better). Basically, you will need whatever your host operating system needs to run comfortably, plus the amount that the guest operating system needs. So, if you want to run ...

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