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Ahh, yes... that helped me. Here is what I did: var pausedTweenObjs = []; createjs.Tween.pauseAllTweens = function() { var i = 0, tweenObjs = createjs.Tween._tweens.slice().reverse(), tweenObj; for ( ; tweenObj = tweenObjs[i++]; ) { pausedTweenObjs.push(tweenObj); tweenObj.setPaused(true); } }; ...


Setting a tween to paused will remove it from the _tweens array. You are better off storing the tweens you create in your own array, and pause/resuming them there. An approach that would work would be to iterate the _tweens array in reverse when you pause them, and store the tweens temporarily, so you can resume them later.


Apple Documentation States: If a transfer fails, the session object provides an NSError object either to your delegate or to the task’s completion handler. In that object, the NSURLSessionDownloadTaskResumeData key in the userInfo dictionary contains a resumeData object. Source: ...


Save your resume from whatever format it's current in to .PDF format. Copy your resume to the root of your web project, and add it as a Content file to your Visual Studio project. Add this into your resume.aspx file: <a href="~/MyResume.pdf">Click here to view my resume</a>

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