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Paramiko doesn't offer an out of the box 'resume' function however, Syncrify, DeltaCopy's big successor has a retry built in and if the backup goes down the server waits up to six hours for a reconnect. Pretty trusty, easy to use and data diff by default.


On KitKat I had more luck using the answer found here: Android 4.4 - Play default music player


Have you tried to create a $_Cookie with a phpsesionid that renews when they post but the phpsession id is stored in a db and then they're able to resume on. you could probably use the phpsessionid db to keep hold of the data they had before loosing connection then grab the data back when they get connection by using the cookie.


WWW::Mechanize is based on LWP::UserAgent which itself using in its current version (since version 6) IO::Socket::SSL as the default backend. IO::Socket::SSL supports explicit session caching on the client side with the SSL_session_cache_size parameter, but by default no session caching is done. You should be able to enable it with something like this: my ...


You have a series of problems : Saving state (including curent execution points), detecting shutdown/reboot, restarting after shutdown. I would suggest that actually your are best off ignoring the middle issue, and ensure that your application keeps a minimal amount of internal state - i.e. store all of your data in an external database etc. Edit : ...

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