RETS is a standardized and Realtor Association of America backed protocol meant to help consolidate and simplify the process of a multiple listing service organization providing access to their respective real estate date. Part of this standardization process was the creation of a standard naming convention and schema for data, which is still in progress.

References and useful links

  • The RETS standard website

  • RETS online documentation website

  • The libRETS API library, a developer resource, is available. LibRETS is a C++ library with SWIG native bindings for .NET, Java, Perl, PHP 5, Python, and Ruby.

  • Rapattoni was one of the first MLS service providers to provide RETS support and fortunately they have extensive support documentation that can be applicable to other RETS servers.

  • Tutorial from Flex MLS on DMQL, the query language of RETS.

  • PHRETS open source PHP library for using RETS. PHRETS provides PHP developers a way to integrate RETS functionality directly within new or existing code. A standard class of functions is made available to developers to connect and interact with a server much like they would with other APIs.

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