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As a start you can use something like this: Get-ChildItem -Name | Foreach-Object {svn info $_ --show-item last-changed-revision} This will print out the latest revision of every file. If You need Recusrion just add -Recursive to the Get-Childitem. In Powershell you can get help for Get-ChildItem with the command: Get-Help Get-ChildItem.


You have a similar error message on Windows (in a CMD session, not in a git-bash session). You need to escape the ^, with an ^. git cat-file -p HEAD^^2 But that won't work unless HEAD has two parents (meaning is the result of a merge), which seems to be the case here. For instance: C:\Users\vonc\prog\git\git>gl * 74a844a - (HEAD -> master) Merge ...


If you must only get the files that have changed, I believe you will have to do this per file via some scripting. You can get the files which were modified for a specific commit with -c options: svn diff -c457 --summarize Parse the output and use svn cat or sparse checkouts to download the files.

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