Rhodes is an open source Ruby-based cross-platform development framework designed to create native applications. Developers utilize a standard MVC architecture using Ruby and HTML-templating (ERB), including constructs to interact natively with the device. The framework's write-once:deploy-many approach currently supports building to iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Big Windows (XP, 7 and 8) and Windows Phone.

Rhodes is an open source framework with MIT license that allows to build cross-platform native mobile applications using web skills. It's part of the RhoMobile Suite.

Source code of Rhodes are available on the public github repository.

The RhoMobile Suite is an enterprise mobility suite of products distributed by Motorola Solutions to develop, integrate, deploy and manage your enterprise mobile applications.

Components of the RhoMobile Suite are:

  • RhoStudio - IDE based on Eclipse for Windows and OS X
  • Rhodes - Opensource Frameworks with MIT license to build B2C application
  • RhoElements - based on Rhodes, adds functionality like support for Windows Mobile, requires a license to be used without a nag-screen
  • RhoConnect - Integration and synchronization engine - requires a license to be used
  • RhoHub - Cloud service to develop Rhodes/RhoElements apps & hosting RhoConnect
  • RhoGallery - Enterprise Application Management. Simple and Easy to use

Motorola Solutions has built Launchpad, a community site with recorded webinars, documentation, blogs and public forum for all the interested developers. is part of the suite of RhoMobile (now a Motorola company) products used for developing client side mobile applications.

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