RJSONIO is an R package that allows conversion to and from data in Javascript object notation (JSON) format. This allows R objects to be inserted into Javascript/ECMAScript/ActionScript code and allows R programmers to read and convert JSON content to R objects. It is an alternative to the rjson package. The RJSONIO package uses methods, vectorized operations and C code and callbacks to R functions for deserializing JSON objects to R. It allows fast parsing of large JSON documents.

The primary functions in the package are

  • fromJSON
  • toJSON
  • asJSVars

The package is extensible, allowing others to define S4 methods for toJSON for different R classes/types. Similarly, the fromJSON function allows the caller to specify a different callback handler which is invoked each time an element (e.g. number, string, key, start or end of an array or object) is found in the JSON content.


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