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Yes this is possible. You would have to define: an RMIServerSocketFactory that created a wrapped ServerSocket that wraps its accepted Sockets in an SSLSocket and puts it into client mode (useClientMode(true)), and an RMIClientSocketFactory that created SSLSockets and put them into server mode (useClientMode(false)).


I think your new method throws an exception such as javax.ws.rs.ProcessingException which on the callee side (eg from jconsole etc) is not on the classpath. Maybe try to ensure no exception is thrown and that a String value is returned. Maybe even try just to hardcode and return "Hello" etc. And if any exceptions is supposedly to be thrown then favor only ...


You want to try and separate and isolate responsibility. That is, the login view should do nothing more then gather the credentials from the user an validate those credentials. It should NOT be responsible for moving the user onto the next view, that responsibility belongs to a different part of you application (or controller) Wrap the login component in ...


It's possible if: The class is deployed to the CLASSPATH of the peer, or available via the codebase feature, and The class within which it is defined is Serializable, and You realize and accept that the outer class instance will be sent along with the anonymous class, because it's an inner class and has a reference to its outer class, and therefore that ...

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