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I think you are accessing structure variables after freeing the memory. Please check the existing threads on the same topic. Valgrind reports a memory error when trying to free a malloc'ed struct Valgrind 8 bytes inside a block of 16 free'd Thank you.


Perhaps you can specify the driver with RMySQL::MySQL(), this works for me in scripts.


According to SQL syntax (see for instance) you need to enclose a character constant in single quotes '. So, this should be working test <- "atabif" dbGetQuery(con, paste0("select * from df WHERE code = '", test, "'")) The expression paste0("select * from df WHERE code = '", test, "'") evaluates to "select *...


Try ssh -L 3307:localhost:3306 I bet can't resolve hostname, because you may not have DNS entry for in the DNS server used by or for that matter a /etc/hosts entry. Also you don't need to setup your local port to 3307, you can use 3306, provided ...

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