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agree with andrew's answer above. When using a function call in ruby, you can either have a space with no parenthesis, or parenthesis and no space, but not both. so: pdf.bounding_box([80, 510] , :width => 400) is ok pdf.bounding_box [80, 510] , :width => 400 is also ok But you can't do a space and a parenthesis. Now in your case, since you want ...


It's because of the space between bounding_box and the brackets.


Modified query: users = ratings.includes(:user).select('users.name') I have added select('users.name') considering you have name column in users. You can use any column you want for the view.


Rails active records are abstracted from the database connection. The connection is managed separately. You won't have something like, FirstDB.select_where(...). However, what you can try is define your different databases in your config/database.yml, for example: db1: adapter: postgresql encoding: unicode database: database1 pool: 5 username: ...

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