A Platform-as-a-Service development environment delivered on Salesforce.com - the platform is more correctly referred to as Force.com. A dedicated Salesforce Stack Exchange is available for all your Salesforce questions at http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/

Salesforce often refers to the Sales Cloud (CRM) or Force.com (cloud platform) products that Salesforce.com (an enterprise cloud computing company) offers. It is also considered to be PaaS (Platform as a Service) that extends the kind of solutions(Customizations) that it can offer.

Sales Cloud Enterprise or Unlimited Edition and Force.com support a proprietary programming language called Apex (similar to Java) and a markup language called Visualforce (similar to JavaServer Faces) for interfaces or pages. Querying the back-end database occurs through the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL, similar to SQL), while data manipulation occurs through Data Manipulation Language (DML) Apex statements.

Salesforce applications can be created without coding. A description of the data types is enough to generate a basic user interface for interacting with the data, and the platform allows behavior to be described using formulas and workflows. Apex and Visualforce are used to program more complex behavior.

Since questions which relate primarily to the declarative side (i.e. clicks not code) of Salesforce development do not belong on Stack Overflow, the Salesforce Stack Exchange is now live, with the intention of providing a forum for such questions.

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