Script-Fu is the embedded scripting language of the GIMP image editor. It is based off a dialect of Scheme called TinyScheme, which is nearly R5RS compatible; because of this, general language issues with Script-Fu could benefit from the larger audience of the tag. GIMP's documentation site has a section on scripting which deals with the Scheme language used by Script-Fu.

Script-Fu is intended for automating image manipulation; because of this, it also includes a large library of functions. Questions about the Script-Fu library should always be tagged .

In addition to the Script-Fu plugins provided by The GIMP itself, two repositories of scripts exists at The GIMP Plugin Registry, as well as at GIMP Scripts. In addition, the complete Script-Fu library is accessible through GIMP's Procedure Browser, which includes not only core functions built into GIMP but also functions belonging to any installed plugins.

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