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You talk to whomever you need to talk to in order to figure out what you should be doing. That might be stakeholder, that might be a member of the team who is an expert on that part of the system, it might be someone else, it might be multiple people. The daily scrum is an opportunity to get people on the same page. It isn't the only time you are allowed to ...


Ask for help as soon as he knows that the plan he had for the next 24h is void. Probably first to a co-team-member, if that doesn't yield the answer the product owner, if that doesn't help a user, stakeholder or anyone else. If you can't get access to a person who can help you, signal the scrum master, as this would be an impediment. Report on your ...


There is no such thing as a 'technical user story'. This is why: The idea behind user stories is that they are easily understood by the end users of the product. In your case this is the users who want the reports your system is generating. This is done for a specific reason: it is to make it easier for the end users of the product to understand progress. ...


There is no out of box feature for this. A similar feature request on VSTS User Voice can be found here: User Activity Stream. As an alternative solution, there is an TFS Timetracker extension in VSTS Marketplace which you can try to use. This extension will allow you to record the time you spend on every work item and generate a report.

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