JBoss Seam is an open source enterprise framework in Java. It includes among its features

  • Integrates presentation layer and server side business and persistence logic transparently
  • Dependency injection
  • Universal contextual model
  • Built-in persistence layer by using mediator pattern
  • Transaction management
  • A powerful event model
  • Bult-in Security model
  • Built-in application generator (customizable)

Because it fulfills some of the missed features of Java technologies such as JavaServer Faces (presentation layer) and Enterprise Java Beans (server side business logic), Seam has positioned itself as the prototype for Java EE specifications such as Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform (contextual model), JavaServer Faces 2.0 JSR-314 (presentation layer) and Bean validation JSR-303 (validation).

Although Seam has built-in support for some Java EE technologies, you are free to choose the technology that fits better your needs.

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