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Because that's what %n does. perldoc -f sprintf: %n special: *stores* the number of characters output so far into the next argument in the parameter list The solution is: printf "\n%s: Password ok? %d\n", $prompt, $is_ok;


ViewState is not a security measure against brute force. All it is, is an encoded set of key / value pairs which is used to mimic state between page loads (post backs) that gets stuffed in a hidden input. ViewState kinda-can-not-really help with protecting against CSRF if you use a user key with the ViewState. The user key acts as an anti-forgery token. ...


Servers have file quotas and bandwidths defined/allocated for them. If you transfer your "less" used files to another server ,it will help your main server to improve its performance. And also there wont be much maintenance headaches with the main server if all files are uploaded there. Conclusion : It is a good idea.


URL-safe base 64 as defined in RFC 4648 section-5 could be used. To use URL-safe base 64 it is possible to use the new Base64 class in java.util (since Java 8). If the = must be avoided then it is possible to specify to not use padding. The decoder should of course be configured in the same way: Encoder urlEncoder = ...


1) Is include($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/global.php') seems to be a good and secure choice? Is there a bettere and more secure method? I prefer include dirname(__FILE__) .'/global.php'; when including from root. Sometimes I define root path as constant using __FILE__.


the probability of attack would be the the number of spoofed packets/maximum range for your transaction id.


It looks to me like the 'WildFly way' to deal with passwords is to do what most containers do and deliver a non-secure solution out-of-the-box. I don't know why, but every standard JDBC realm implementation I've seen so far just hashes the passwords without salt... Which is totally insecure. This blog post gives some explanation on how to roll your own ...

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