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$("#ddlReport").parent().hide(); works for me.


Since this came up first on Google and didn't give me the answer I was looking for, having looked at the jquery ui code it can be done after initially setting up the select menu, binding to the selectmenuchange event as below. Worked for me anyway. $('#items').selectmenu(); $('#items').on('selectmenuchange',function() { alert("hello world"); });


.selectmenu is part of the jQuery UI library. Once you include jQuery UI's dependencies, use .selectmenu as follows: $("#test").selectmenu();


It's very annoying i can see. I hope there's a better solution but if you cant find one you can just change the background color of the select box. I spotted another issue. In IE when you select an item like the last one and then select again the whole select list moves up off the screen. Weird. It looks like it makes it center to were the button is. Demo ...

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