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jQuery might help here, using an if statement, you could have it so the dropdown menu increases its width automatically if the string length of an individual column within the dropdown menu is over a certain amount.


Do you use AJAX somewhere? And what kind of form do you use? With "doesn't react", do you mean it's not re-rendered, or that nothing happens when you select one or more items in it? If you use AJAX then with the given code the select many checkbox will indeed not re-render (refresh). The reason is that SelectOneMenu doesn't have an attribute "render" that ...


Checks with this css to show the results: .ui-selectonemenu-items-wrapper{ height: auto !important; }


If you want to avoid null values for your select component, the most elegant way is to use the noSelectionOption When noSelectionOption="true", the converter will not even try to process the value. Plus, when you combine that with <p:selectOneMenu required="true"> you will get a validation error, when user tries to select that option. One final ...


When the select item value is null, then JSF won't render <option value>, but only <option>. As consequence, browsers will submit the option's label instead. This is clearly specified in HTML specification (emphasis mine): value = cdata [CS] This attribute specifies the initial value of the control. If this attribute is not set, the ...


This is fully working to me : <p:selectOneMenu id="cmbCountry" value="#{bean.country}" required="true" converter="#{countryConverter}"> <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select" /> <f:selectItems var="country" value="#{bean.countries}" itemLabel="#{country.countryName}" itemValue="#{country}"/> <p:ajax update="anotherMenu" ...

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