In many object-oriented programming languages, self (also called this or Me) is a keyword that is used in instance methods to refer to the object on which they are working. Languages like Smalltalk and others such as Object Pascal, Python and Ruby use self. Objective-C uses self or super; C++ and languages which derive in style from it (such as Java, C#, and PHP) generally use this. Visual Basic uses Me.

Invoking a method on the self searches for the method implementation of the method in the usual manner, starting in the dispatch table of the receiving object’s class.


[self startThread];
self.hostReach = YES;
BOOL value = self.hostReach;

Here, self is a variable name that can be used in any number of ways, even assigned a new value.

Inside an instance method, self refers to the instance; inside a class method, self refers to the class object.

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