IMPORTANT: Only programming-related SEO questions are acceptable on StackOverflow. Non-programming SEO questions should be asked on the network site Pro Webmasters at http://webmasters.stackexchange.com

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a methodology for helping websites to improve search engine rankings.

Most search engines return results based on relevance to a set of input keywords, or a query, provided by a client (typically a user visiting a search engine's website). Ranking well in any given search for a popular keyword can mean more traffic for a website, which translates into pageviews, comments and most importantly, sales.

Questions tagged on Stack Overflow must relate to programming. For example, a question about using PHP to generate SEO-friendly page titles, or a question about using rewrites to make canonical URLs. Questions should address a specific programming problem.

General SEO questions that are not specifically about programming should be asked on Pro Webmasters Stack Exchange. The questions should include the SEO tag. See this discussion on Meta Stack Overflow for details.

WordPress-related SEO questions should be tagged as or . However, generic SEO questions with regards to WordPress belong on WordPress.

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