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From Facebook's spec, use a code like this: <meta property="og:image" content="http://siim.lepisk.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/siim-blog-fb.png" /> Source: Facebook Share


This blog post seems to have your answer: http://blog.capstrat.com/articles/facebook-share-thumbnail-image/ Specifically, use a tag like the following: <link rel="image_src" type="image/jpeg" href="http://www.domain.com/path/icon-facebook.gif" /> The name of the image must be the same as in the example. Click "Making Sure the Preview ...


After adding the new content to the dom, call stButtons.locateElements(); // or if you want to be a bit defensive about whether the lib has been // loaded or not: if (window.stButtons){stButtons.locateElements();} // Parse ShareThis markup Article another another


My tags were correct but Facebook only scrapes every 24 hours, according to their documentation. Using the Facebook Lint page got the image into Facebook. Enter your URL here and FB will update the metadata from your page: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug (updated link)


AddThis is better than ShareThis if you care about the API. AddThis: Detailed api displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way. ShareThis: Hard-to-look-at developer page with not a whole lot on it. In short, you will have an easier time with AddThis over ShareThis. Especially if you want to customize details.


Facebook uses og:tags and the Open Graph Protocol to decipher what information to display when previewing your URL in a share dialog or in a news feed on facebook. The og:tags contain information such as : The title of the page The type of page The URL The websites name A description of the page Facebook user_id's of administrators of the page ( on ...


ShareThis uses non standard markup and hidden tracking images, which are both a considerable annoyance. In IE7, ShareThis also causes page jumping as it loads multiple resources. The latter results in several audible 'clicks', rather than the usual one. I now roll my own script, or if i must, use the AddThis script, which doesn't suffer from the above.


I've been using the stButtons.locateElements(); function to generate any new buttons after loading content via AJAX, I imagine it will work for this too. This question might be of some assistance also: Sharethis button does not work on pages loaded via ajax Better Solution: Make your <div> and make sure all the <span>s have IDs, otherwise ...


Wrap your code (span tags) in a container and reset css box-sizing property to content-box of this spans (see also: Right border of the AddThis counter missing with Twitter's Bootstrap 3): your html: <div id="sharethis"> <span class='st_sharethis_hcount' displayText='ShareThis'></span> <span class='st_facebook_hcount' ...


Well I also bumped when it came to this one, you are not getting the share title and custom url in facebook shares becuase facebook does'nt consider the attributes of the span element when getting these values. Facebook uses the Open Graph Concept and crawls info from the meta tag of the website whose url is provided in the og:url meta tag.To allow facebook ...


Ok i found it by myself this is the answer: <span class='st_sharethis' st_title='<%= scoop.title; %>' st_url='<%= scoop.url; %>' displayText='ShareThis'></span> <span class='st_facebook' st_title='<%= scoop.title %>' st_url='<%= scoop.url; %>' displayText='Facebook'></span> <span ...


I see that all the answers provided are correct. However, one important detail was overlooked: The size of the image MUST be at least 200 X 200 px, otherwise Facebook will substitute the thumbnail with the first available image that meets the criteria on the page. Another fact is that the minimum required is to include the 3 metas that Facebook requires for ...


Besides the popup option, you'll want to set the servicePopup option to true when calling stLight.options().


On the page you linked to, they didn't use anything like sharethis or addthis - they rolled their own. Looking at the code, its clear that they went to facebook, got the facebook like button, embedded it - then wen to google, got the google plus button, etc... and made a grid of them. You can stylize the sharethis buttons with css to pretty much any ...


<script type="text/javascript"> stLight.options({ publisher:'b8a24e9b-84db-4fe8-8950-ea6f0e28e2fa', onhover: false }); </script>


Just replace the # with %23 (the URL encoded version of #) and you'll be fine. ;) I like to use the "remote" version of addthis : http://www.addthis.com/bookmark.php?url=your_url_here%23hash_tag_here


Run this tool on your page: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug It will force clear the cache. It will help if you are using open graph meta tags too: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/


Digging into the issue, it seems that the ShareThis buttons don't really work on Ajax calls that return HTML, meaning the ShareThis button is defined in the synchronous data. Because that moving/copying the content from <div id="title1"> into fancybox's title won't work regardless that the ShareThis buttons' html is perfectly rendered. The workaround ...


Setting the onhover property to false should work for you: stLight.options({ publisher:"c7a25472-030e-48ce-b630-a71f99cc53d9", onhover: false });


Boss, just add the st_via="[@theathere]" attribute to the span <span id='twitter' class='twitter' st_via='[@theathere]'></span> <script type='text/javascript'> var defaults = { "service": "twitter", "element": …, … etc, } stWidget.addEntry(defaults); </script> it will automatically ...


Basically if a page is loaded over HTTPS then every resource it uses should also be loaded over HTTPS. It's a part of browser security policy, just like Same-Origin Policy etc. Fortunately ShareThis can be used over HTTPS like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://ws.sharethis.com/button/buttons.js"></script> <script ...


The inclusion via addthis is not my preferred way to include social buttons. In fact as you noticed, sometimes some errors are thrown and if the addthis library fails (e.g. javascript error, server timeout...) all buttons could fail, since they depend by a unique library. Beside, for a simple matter of performance, addthis is a script who loads other ...


This is already documented on the ShareThis site. Use the 'st_sharethis_custom' class on your link. <span class="st_sharethis_custom">ShareThis</span> Then specify a new icon to use with CSS. .st_sharethis_custom{ background: url("http://path/to/image/file") no-repeat scroll left top transparent; padding:0px 16px 0 0; }


depends on the customization you want to do, but if you're just dynamically adding a sharethis button, call stButtons.locateElements(); That will re-run the init code an the sharethis js will do it's magic again.


ShareThis has a tweak where you can add: expr:st_title='data:post.title' expr:st_url='data:post.url' to each button, forcing the share buttons to share the link in the post instead of the link in the broswer. The code would look something similar to this: < span class='st_twitter_hcount' expr:st_title='data:post.title' ...


add vertical-align:top for the second span with class stButton instead the first span.


Because there's no updateEntry call in ShareThis you need to use jQuery's .html() to recreate your elements inside your container, then repopulate each one using individual calls to stWidget.addEntry against the span's ID. Here is a post on the ShareThis forums that answers the question in slightly more detail. ...


Have you deployed your html file on a server before testing it on a browser. If you are testing the html file directly by placing on your Desktop or some other folder, then it will not work. You need to deploy the html file to a server eg: Tomcat or whichever you are comfortable with.


You might have called button.js twice. One in the main page and the other one in the ajax page. You can try to call stButtons.locateElements() instead.


Here is a code from my project. Hope, you could use it. // define attributes for buttons settings.share_buttons = [ ['facebook','st_facebook_large','Facebook','Share on Facebook'], ['twitter','st_twitter_large','Tweet','Share on Twitter'], ['pinterest','st_pinterest_large','Pinterest','Share on Pinterest'], ...

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